We are delighted to report that we now have a summary of the results of the High Legh Neighbourhood Plan consultation survey that took place in May/June 2016.

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.  343 responses were received to the c.620 questionnaires delivered to households in the Parish. These responses represent over 900 people in High Legh.  This a very encouraging response to such a detailed survey. It provides a substantial body of evidence from which draft policies for the High Legh Neighbourhood Plan will be prepared and on which there will be a further consultation with residents before a Plan is finalised and voted on in a Parish-wide referendum.

Work is now underway on preparing draft policies. There are two areas of the survey findings on which specific further work needs to be undertaken in order to get a clearer view from residents, these are in relation to housing and how we can create more of a Village Centre in the community. Both need to be viewed in the context of the clear desire to maintain the character of High Legh. We will ensure that residents are kept informed of progress with this work and if you have not already done so, could you please ensure we have your email address (send to clerk@highleghparishcouncil.gov.uk) so that we can include you on the circulation of information and further consultations.

The High Legh Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group would like to thank everyone for their input into this survey and the other consultation events and look forward to continuing to work with you to develop the High Legh Neighbourhood Plan.

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