High Legh Neighbourhood Plan
Steering Group
Register of Interests

It is normal in many organisations to have a Register of Interests process so that when there is a conflict between an item being discussed and the personal or pecuniary interest of an individual, they either withdraw from discussion of that item or at least do not vote on it. All members of the Parish Council make a Declaration of Interests and this is published on the Cheshire East website.

To have such an arrangement for the Neighbourhood Plan process would, however, be unworkable as Neighbourhood Plans are, by definition, developed by the community for the community, and it is therefore not only possible, but essential that those having interests are involved and we have actively sought to do that every step of the way in line with best practice.

In the interests of transparency, though, we have decided to have this voluntary Register of Interests.

The ultimate safeguard against any interests dominating the Neighbourhood Plan process, however, is that whatever is produced needs to be evidenced, consulted upon and finally voted on by High Legh residents (with more than 50% of those voting having to support it) before the Neighbourhood Plan has any official status. The Steering Group is committed to ensuring that a robust process is being followed so that the community can have confidence in the eventual outcomes.
Name Land owner
rough size
& Location
Property owner
(name road only)
High Legh
High Legh
Other pecuniary
Bruce ADAMS n/a Arley End Parish Councillor n/a
Trish ADAMS n/a Arley End n/a Joint Chair of High Legh Community Association
Chair of CA Social Committee
Trustee of Village Hall
Jason ALLAN n/a Somerville Close n/a
Matt COOPER n/a Mag Lane Parish Councillor
Chair of Planning Committee
Richard CORNWALL-LEGH c. 700 acres around thecentre of High Legh personally,
and by proxy, a further c. 200 acres within 'High Legh Estate'
West Lane
Pheasant Walk
Wrenshot Lane
Halliwells Brow
Ditchfield Lane
& others
Landlord to HL garden Centre (& by proxy, the HL Golf Course) n/a
Charlotte COUPE n/a West Lane n/a n/a
Marianne DOBSON n/a Kinderton Close Self-Employed Landscape Architect n/a
Nick GERRARD n/a Spurston Close n/a Chair of Governors, HL Primary School
Chair, HL 10k Race Committee
Will HIND 7 acres
Rowley Bank Lane
Rowley Bank Lane n/a HL Parish Council, current Chair n/a
Brian LEWIS n/a Wrenshot Lane n/a n/a
Julie MORTON Shared ownership of the centre field in Woodlands Crescent Woodlands Crescent Parish Councillor n/a
Jenny RUDDOCK n/a Egerton n/a Governor – HL Primary School n/a
Steve RUDDOCK n/a Egerton n/a n/a
John SYKES 10 acres either side of Swineyard Lane Swineyard Lane Self employed
Garage Proprietor
Parish Councillor
Chair of Transport Committee
John TUCK n/a Ulviet Gate n/a HL Parish Council n/a
Doreen WALKER n/a Gleyve n/a Clerk, HL Parish Council n/a
Mike WALKER n/a Gleyve n/a Chair of Village Hall Management Committee
Joint Chair of High Legh Community Association
Richard WRIGHT 120 acres
Broadheys Farm
Broadheys Lane Self-employed
Parish Councillor n/a
Updated 22nd July 2017